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Asset Management
Strategic Planning
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For asset management, NWM often applies the proven Pareto Principle where relevant to target areas that are in need of attention. NWMs asset management services include:
Critical spares review reports
Condition audits
Advice on the engineering needs for the linking of multiple data storage systems to realise efficiency gains.
New product reviews against standards
Cathodic protection investigations
Creation of updating of asset unit rates for use in re-valuations
Asset management renewals investigations
Pipeline condition investigations
Asset management plans
Reservoir roof condition assessments
Geographic information system management
Reservoir seals investigations
Asset management framework documents
Pressure mains risk management plans
Preventative maintenance management investigations
Sewer risk assessments
Updating and maintenance of asset registers
Pipeline replacement and rehabilitation projects
Drawing system management
Asset condition and performance assessment reporting in line with IPWEA and IIMM guidelines
Pipeline maintenance management strategies
Design, Pre-Construction and Investigation