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Project - Ross Dam 5 Yearly Comprehensive Dam Safety Review
Role - Project Manager and Dam Safety Advisor
Client - SunWater
Year: 2012-2013
Major Projects
Aplin's Weir Rehabilitation
Ross Dam 5 Yearly Comprehensive Dam Safety Review
This project required a significant amount of technical investigation, program management, procurement management, safety management, and shutdown management.

NWM successfully worked with SunWater, Townsville Water, Trility, and a number of procurement contractors including cranage suppliers and diving inspectors.

This project took place over a 8 month period and involved some 300 hours of NWM time and a significant number of hours overall for the people involved.

For the third and final phase of the project, as Townsville's water supply did not have enough buffering capacity, 4 single day shutdowns were undertaken in lieu of a large multi-day shutdown. NWM successfully managed the logistics of each component using their document and people management skills.

At the end of the project NWM created a number of new technical procedures which means that when the review comes around again, significantly less funding will be required to undertake the work.


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