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Project - Aplin's Weir Rehabilitation Project Design and Construction
Role - Project Manager and Dam Safety Advisor
Client - Townsville Water
Year: 2012
Major Projects
Aplin's Weir Rehabilitation
Ross Dam 5 Yearly Comprehensive Dam Safety Review


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This project required NWM's good experience in dam safety management and in hydrology.

NWM successfully worked with Townsville Water in the role of client's technical Project Manager. NWM managed the design phase efficiently and effectively and brought the design to tender on time and budget.

An involved development application was required for this work and NWM progressed this potential time delay issue by interacting with the various stakeholders.

The construction phase took place over a 6 month period and involved difficult foundation work. NWM worked with the Superintendent and the Contractor to ensure that issues were resolved quickly. This ensured that the project was built prior to the wet season.
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